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Size: 0.98 - 1.10 lbs

Ground Beef Patties - Premium Grass-Fed Beef

Our Ground Beef Patties come in 1/3 pound patties with 3 in each package for a total of about 1 pound of patties.

Ground beef is a versatile form that comes from various primal cuts. With no added fat, you can be sure our ground beef is lean and ready to use in your favorite recipes. Need one to try?

Join Chef Eric Leskovar for some burger magic:

Check out Chef Noah Siebenaller's spectacular sliders:

Organic Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Certified USDA Organic cattle are raised on 100% Organic Grass from ween while grazing in open pastures, never in a feed lot. Very lean beef with little to no fat content. Always Antibiotic and Hormone free.

Prosper Steakhouse Beef

Cattle are fed an optimized mixture of Grass, Organic Grass, Corn and Distillers Corn Grain. Raised and marketed for high-end steakhouses, you can enjoy the same top-notch quality at home from Prosper Meats with our Prosper Steakhouse cuts. Always Hormone free.

Key Features:

  • 100% Grass-Fed and Finished: Our cattle graze freely on Colorado's lush pastures, ensuring a natural, nutrient-rich diet that enhances the flavor and quality of the meat.
  • USDA Certified Organic: Raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, our beef is a healthier and more ethical choice.
  • Convenient and Ready to Cook: These patties are pre-formed and ready to cook, making meal preparation quick and easy.
  • Lean and Flavorful: Despite being lean, our patties are full of rich, beefy flavor.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Best burgers ever": Customers rave about the flavor, with one noting that their 13-year-old daughter preferred them over McDonald's, which is high praise.
  • "Great Meat as Usual": Many appreciate the ease of cooking and the great taste, making these patties a staple in their kitchens.
  • "Ground beef": Described as delicious and flavorful, these patties are a hit among customers.
  • "Patties": Convenient and lean, yet full of flavor, making them a favorite for quick meals.
  • "Trusted source of our meat": Customers trust Prosper Meats for their steaks and patties, appreciating the local, grass-fed, and finished beef.
  • "Beef patties": While one customer found them a bit dry, others found them very good and plan to order more.

Cooking Suggestions:

  • Grilling: Preheat your grill to medium-high heat. Cook the patties for 4-5 minutes per side for a medium-rare finish.
  • Pan-Searing: Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. Cook the patties for 4-5 minutes per side until they reach your desired doneness.
  • Broiling: Place patties on a broiler pan and broil for 4-5 minutes per side.

The Prosper Meats Difference:

  • Family-Owned Colorado Ranch: We take pride in our heritage and the quality of our products, ensuring that every cut of beef meets our high standards.
  • Ethical and Sustainable: Our commitment to ethical farming practices and sustainability ensures that you can feel good about the beef you’re serving to your family.
  • Convenient Shipping: We offer free shipping on Colorado orders of $120 or more, with all products shipped via UPS or FEDEX overnight to ensure they remain frozen and fresh upon arrival.

Order your Ground Beef Patties from Prosper Meats today and enjoy the rich, natural flavors of Colorado's finest grass-fed beef. Perfect for family barbecues, quick dinners, or any occasion that calls for a delicious, high-quality burger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Best burgers ever

Friendly staff. Was able to handle a last minute order for 90 patties. Had a bbq for our techs. Every one loved them. Had a few extra so I took the home and cooked them for the family. My 13 year old said they were better than McDonald’s. And if you knew my daughter you would know that is the highest of compliments.

Great Meat as Usual

I love these patties! They taste great and are easy to just throw in the pan!

Ground beef

The ground beef is delicious and flavorful.


Very convenient


Very lean and yet full of flavor.

Trusted source of our meat

Only one source that we purchase for our steaks and patties. Local, grass fed & finished. I have seen the area that they raise their cattle in the eastern Colorado so I trust them.


5 Star a great product and great service.

Beef patties

I find the hamburger patties a little dry and tough after cooking. Not at all juicy. Are the ones you send me 90% fat?


The hamburger patties are very, very good. We will order more.

I’m looking at a field of 34 Black Angus.

The herd I’m viewing (from the living room window) do not belong to Prosper though they are the grass fed, locally raised meat I buy.
Animals raised on a nutritious diet in a healthy environment provide the nutrition humans require. Always buy the best and consume in moderation to enjoy a life without obesity/drugs.