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Whole, Half & Quarter

Whole Beef, Side-of-Beef (Half Beef), Quarter and Eighth Beef for sale. Stock up your freezer with any of our bulk beef options and get premium cuts like Filet Mignon, Ribeye and T-Bones for as low as $7.78 a pound.


1. Click preferred beef portion below (Whole/Half/Quarter/Eighth).

2. Choose your variety (Organic Grass Fed/Finished OR Steakhouse).

3. Read through details specific to portion and variety (price, freezer space, cuts, etc..).  

4. Add to your cart and complete your purchase (the price you see is the price you pay. we do not take deposits, you don't have to pay the butcher fees and you are guaranteed a minimum weight yield in pounds of meat so you know what to expect with the final product)

5. For Whole and Half Beef orders, a link to our online Cut Sheet form will be included in with the confirmation email for your purchase. Simply fill out the form at your convenience and submit to get your Whole or Half Beef customizations put in the queue. Our Quarter and Eighth Beefs are made using our "Standard Cuts" with no customizations available to ensure that every customer gets the same cuts and the same quantity of beef.

6. Once your Custom Whole of Half Beef OR your "standard cut" Quarter or Eighth Beef has been processed and reviewed, we will let you know once your meat is ready for shipping or pick-up (about 6-10 weeks after you order).

7. After you have received your order, the last step is to... ENJOY!


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