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Whole, Half & Quarter

Whole beef, side of beef (half beef) and quarter beef for sale. Stock up with our Whole Beef order and get premium cuts like Filet Mignon, Ribeyes and T-Bones for as low as $5.46 a pound.


1. Click preferred beef portion below (whole/half/quarter). 

2. Read through details specific to that order (price, freezer space, cuts).  

3. Place order and pay right here on the website. 

4. We will email you to confirm which cuts of meat you prefer and ask if you would like us to ship it or you can pick it up at our Denver, CO shipping facility (11000 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO 80239). 

5. We will let you know once your meat is ready for shipping or pick-up (about 4-8 weeks after you order).

6. Your meat will arrive individually flash-frozen, vacuum sealed, and labeled. 


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