Whole Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)


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Our Whole Tenderloins vary in size, available weights are listed above. This Tenderloin can then be cut down into your desired thickness for Filet Mignon, or cooked whole. This is one of the finest cuts of beef.

Tenderloin filet, otherwise known as filet mignon, is the most tender cut of beef available. Lean while still succulent, this cut has a fine, buttery texture that cooks well with any method.

Tenderloin filet comes from the area below the backbone known as the Loin Primal. The Loin Primal is home to several other popular cuts of beef including Strip Steak, T-Bone, and Porterhouse Steaks. While Tenderloin Filet is a versatile cut, they are best prepared on the grill or under a broiler.

Chef Eric Leskovar has some great tips for cooking Filet Mignon:


Organic Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Certified USDA Organic cattle are raised on 100% Organic Grass from ween while grazing in open pastures, never in a feed lot. Very lean beef with little to no fat content.  Always Antibiotic and Hormone free.

Prosper Steakhouse Beef

Cattle are fed an optimized mixture of Grass, Organic Grass, Corn and Distillers Corn Grain. Raised and marketed for high end steakhouses, you can enjoy the same top notch quality at home from Prosper Meats with our Prosper Steakhouse cuts. Always Hormone free.

Need home cooking inspiration? Check out our Recipe page for preparing mouth-watering meals.

Customer Reviews

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Tender and Tasty

Generous cut was as tender as you get from a fine steakhouse meal.

Best meet ever

Not much to say but best meet ever.

5* Test Run

We are hosting a wedding welcome dinner at which we will reverse sear 4 whole tenderloins - we purchased 1 to do a test run first. It was absolutely perfect - it needed no trimming just seasoning in the over at 225°F for 1hr 15mins when internal temperature hit 125°F and then 2 mins total searing on the grill. Sliced in brioche buns with horeseradish and arugula - incredibly flavorfull and so tender. We now know where to buy our next 4 !


So pleased with the beef tenderloin fillet! It arrived right on time & in excellent condition. Perfect for our Christmas dinner. Will definitely order again❣️


We really enjoyed the Tenderloin!! We are looking forward to trying your other products.

Don & Karla


Excellent… I cut in half saved some. The meat was tender and delicious… would order again

Whole Tenderloin

We haven’t had this yet as it is for Christmas dinner but we can’t wait! Buying from Prosper is easy and it gets shipped when they say it will and arrives when they say it will. We appreciate their humane raising practices and that they’re a Colorado company - free shipping for us! Yippee! We’ve ordered before and loved everything. A great company with excellent meat!