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Our Arm Roasts come one to a package at roughly 3 pounds per roast.

Arm Roast is known for its rich, beef flavor. Ideal for slow-cooking, this lean, economical cut cooks well in pot roast recipes. When braised for pot roast, arm roast becomes moist and extremely tender making it a favorite for family dinners.

Arm roast is cut from the beef chuck primal in the shoulder area. Also known as arm pot roast, round bone roast, or arm chuck roast, this cut is present in the chuck part of the animal. This versatile cut can be recognized by the prominent round bone in the middle and very low fat content.


Organic Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Certified USDA Organic cattle are raised on 100% Organic Grass from ween while grazing in open pastures, never in a feed lot. Very lean beef with little to no fat content.  Always Antibiotic and Hormone free.


Grass & Corn Fed Beef

Cattle are fed an optimized mixture of Grass, Organic Grass, Corn and Distillers Corn Grain while also allowed to graze in open pastures.  This leads to a hearty beef with just the right amount of marbling for flavor. Always Antibiotic and Hormone free.


Prosper Steakhouse Beef

Cattle are fed an optimized mixture of Grass, Organic Grass, Corn and Distillers Corn Grain. Raised and marketed for high end steakhouses, you can enjoy the same top notch quality at home from Prosper Meats with our Prosper Steakhouse cuts. Always Hormone free.


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