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Always fantastic!

Excellent Steak!

Everything we have purchased at Prosper Meats has been excellent.
We will continue to purchase our beef from them.
Shipping and packaging were great.
Tonight we are grilling the skirt steak!

Flank Steak
david h.
Love Prosper - But Watch Your Cuts

My last order (I usually get 20 or more filets) had a couple cuts that had a lot more fat on them than usual. I still love Propser and their service and quality overall is top notch, maybe this was just a lesser cow!


I received the steaks and put 2 of them on my pellet grill. Cooked them to have some pink in the middle just some Perfect Steak seasoning. They were very tender and tasty. Will definitely be purchasing again.


I bought an 8th of a cow and it was perfect. So amazing!

Amazing taste, and very tender! Will buy again!

Burger is a good deal and just right on the fat content

The short ribs are pure heaven. Thank you Prosper Meats!

Amazing quality meat, definitely coming back for more

Great little steak

These steaks are large! We could have split one for dinner. They were great. Packed well.

Beef Shanks

These shanks are interesting. I am going to put these in the smoker and see how they are.

Chuck Roast

This roast is really good, cooked really good. Packaging is great arrives on time.

I love the meat. Packaging is great.

Absolutely delicious

Best meat around

Skirt Steak

Superb taste and tenderness. Fan for life

Excellent experience all the way through the process. The meat is delicious

Good delivery. Good quality. I am very happy with this purchase. I recommend Prosper meats.

On time delivery and in perfect condition, as always. This beef is delicious, thank you for everything.

Rump Roast
Fall apart loveliness

Wonderfully flavored and tender.

Very Nice!

Delicious, mouth-watering meats. Can't wait to cook and eat them all!

Tender and flavorable

Love this delicious cut of meat.

Flavorful and not wasteful

Great flavor and very little fat.

Absolute favorite

We love this cut many different ways and it surpases or expectations.